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Since our founding, the main focus of Denmay Steel has been on fabrications. Over the years we have gained a wealth of experience in all types of steel fabrication, from large structural projects to one off bespoke scultpures.

For more information on our fabrication services, please contact us. Structural engineers drawings and calculations can be submitted by email for a free take off and estimate service.


Our use of industry leading 3D CAD software by our in-house fully trained draughtsmen allows us to produce even the largest projects with pinpoint accuracy. All work is undertaken inline with our Factory Production Control system, ensuring complete compliance with BS EN 1090. Every project is stringently inspected prior to UKCA Marking and release, giving you the peace of mind that the steelwork delivered will always be the steelwork ordered.


All of our fabrication staff are fully qualified welders, each undergoing regular testing by third party inspection companies to ensure continued compliance. As a further safeguard, all projects requiring welding activities are fully inpected by in-house PCN weld inspectors prior to release.


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Steelwork can be supplied in various finishes to comply with a Structural Engineer or Architect's specification. In house we offer High Build Zinc Phosphate primer finishes, specially produced in a colour unique to our company for easy identification of our products. We work closely with third party finishing specialists to provide finishes such as Hot Dip Galvanising, Hot Zinc Spraying, Polyester Powder Coating and Intumescent coatings to provide fire protection.


Recent Projects

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