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Propmate™ Masonry Support



Propmate™ is the Industry Standard Heavy Duty Wall Support system, designed to vastly improve the versatility of acrow props on-site.

The Propmate™ is available with or without a handle to ease usage.

Manufactured to high standards and with safety guaranteed through independent testing and rigorous quality control, the Propmate™ is the only solution for stable and secure lintel support.

The Propmate™ has been designed to be used in direct conjunction with acrow props to provide ample, reliable, and safe support for masonry when carrying out construction work on site or in a domestic environment. The robust design leads to an extended product life, making it more than suitable to stand up to the normal abuse hire companies, or construction companies, expect from their masonry support systems.

SWL: 340Kgs

Max working height: 3Mtr

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