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Concrete Spacers


Concrete Mesh Block Spacers


40mm/50mm castle spacer used mainly for supporting Reinforcement Mesh in floor slabs.

Ideal for heavy mesh or Prefabricated Beams.

Large base area spreads the load transmitted to plastic Damp Proof Membrane and sub base.


Concrete Square Bar


Concrete Square Bars (also known as Mars Bars) are a heavy duty concrete bar ranging from 25mm to 75mm for use with heavy reinforcement bar and mesh .

Quick and easier to place than individual spacers and ideal for use on polythene membrane.


Concrete Block Spacers

Single, Double and Triple Cover Concrete Spacers.

Heavy duty spacers ranging from 20mm to 75mm cover to give accurate cover to reinforcement in both horizontal and vertical applications.

Preformed hole to tie with Tying Wire to reinforcement.

Compressive strength generally in excess of 56 N/, non combustible to B5476 Part 4.

Resistant to sulphate attack to Class II as per BS 8110 Table 6.1.

Double and Triple spacers can be rotated to give different cover.

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